3 Month Package


Receive one of our beautiful parcels every month, for three (3 )months! Parcels change each month reflecting the local season, month and local business supplies.

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Parcel is shipped the first week of each month. Each Parcel contains a minimum of four (4) beautiful, hand-selected products. 

Each month, the products featured will be themed. For example, The December parcel will have items suitable to enjoy or gift themed around Christmas. The August Parcel will have items suitable to enjoy or gift themed around Winter. 

Three (3) and Six (6) Month Parcel Packages are paid upfront. Due to the nature of the Package, refunds and cancellations are not possible. 

Monthly Package Service can be cancelled at anytime. Simply email hello@petalparcels.com.au to cancel the Parcel Service. 


  • Mandurah Area Postcodes 6208, 6209, 6210 and 6211 = $8 per Parcel
  • Perth CBD and Surrounds Postcodes 6000-6199, 6000-6001, 6004, 6827, 6830-6832, 6837-6849 = $12 per Parcel
  • Everywhere else in Australia = $15 per Parcel

We love to support small business, so you’ll find lots of our goodies are sourced from Small Australian Businesses.